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Postgraduate Study

The College of Science offers exciting postgraduate study and research opportunities. It is an opportunity for you to obtain advanced knowledge about specialist topics and carry out original research. Our postgraduate programmes aim to foster intellectual independence, critical thinking, and professional excellence in every field.

Library help for postgraduate students

The College of Science contact for the Library is Alison Johnston. To contact her to make an appointment, please email her at:

She can advise you on such things as database issues, finding full text, and EndNote issues, including finding the right style for your assignments.

Postgraduate and graduate qualifications

The College of Science offers postgraduate diplomas, honours, master's and PhD degrees, as well as a graduate diploma and certificate. Most qualifications require at least one year of full-time study. The majority can be undertaken part-time and some programmes can be studied by distance. Within each area offering postgraduate study there is a wide range of specialisations.

Postgraduate Profiles

A graduate profile describes the proposed graduate outcomes, which students are expected to meet. The graduate profiles for the Science awards are generic in nature because of the range of disciplines within the awards.

Enrolment information

Enrolment is also subject to assessment of the grade point average (GPA) in the required qualifying courses in the undergraduate degree.

Grade Point Average for Entry to Postgraduate Study

Information on the required grade point average (GPA) required for postgraduate study.

Masters Thesis and Dissertation Enrolment

Students intending to enrol for a Masters thesis and students intending to enrol for a Masters Dissertation with a course weight of 0.5000 EFTS and above, or a Research Project with a course weight greater than 0.5000 EFTS, should follow these steps.

PhD Enrolment

Students intending to enrol for a PhD thesis should follow the instructions found on the PhD information website or approval using the official PhD application form.


A number of scholarships are available for postgraduate students. UC administers nearly $10 million of scholarships in total.

Postgraduate students website

The University of Canterbury has a new page for Postgraduate Students where you can find out more information.

Students' Association support for postgraduate students

The University of Canterbury Students' Association (UCSA) has a website and contacts to support postgraduate students. It also contains general information, news and events.

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